OGasta.com  is the eCommerce CN  Brands Deals Mall. Recognizing that a vital aspect of  CN G&G Brands Shopping Comparison Mall. 

Merchandise online is to provide compelling entertainment content to inspire sales. The company’s unique content will showcase the new and exciting Entertainment and all the products, events, services and adventures associated. Offering an interactive shopping experience, the channel will cater to a World Wide audience of “like minded” Hobby enthusiasts in an effort to build a synergistic global “Hot Deals from CN Brands” community.
OGasta.com will create an Internet based brand (The Internet Network ) that hobby stuff, equipment and other CN industries will recognize as a leader in the promotion, marketing and sale of its product in the online retail marketplace. Company revenues will be generated from three specific sources: (1) eCommerce products sell commission fees paid by Brands and affiliate referral fees paid by Listed  Brand’s Dealers (2) integrated content and banner advertising on the web site (3) sale of sponsorship packages for premiere site placement.  OGasta will develop and market its own branded storefront service.
Why Choose OGasta?
OGasta.com has a major interest in exclusive gadgets and fashion items sales, both wholesale and retail. The company is located in Hangzhou, China with very reliable export experience and a tested internal supply chain network. OGasta.com is founded by several professional skilled e-commerce business operators. We use all the advantages of professionals selected in this field. In addition, we developed a collection of the most desired, high-interest products.

Global  consumers attracted  to  the  site  because  of  several  key  value propositions:

  • Unique shopping / viewing experience - The site will provide a unique visual experience for the consumer while browsing through our site. We will use the latest technology to provide our viewers with a personalized Magento Shopping eCommerce.
  • Unique content - Our content are inspire our consumers to find best prices, different promotional offers, coupons, explore articles and encourage repeat visits to our site in order to discover new and exciting “insider” hobby stuff, gear and gadgets equipment information.
  • Highly customizable - The site is highly interactive and customizable for viewing and shopping. The more frequent our consumers use the site, the richer their viewing, shopping and interactive experience becomes, eventually offering selections that  match  each customer’s personal tastes.
  • Easy to use - The site  built specifically for the sporting consumer and will be extremely easy to use and purchase products. The navigation and purchasing experience will be effortless and the site will present our products, programming and content in a manner that is uncluttered and easy to view.
  • Community - OGasta.com will build a strong community of people who have similar interests in our programming and content. This direct communication between our sponsors, celebrities and consumers will allow for the exchange of information, fostering customer loyalty and repeat site use.
  • Culture specific - The site will cater to the specific needs of various cultures around the world reflecting specific tastes and needs.