Month: October 2017

7 Best Smartwatches to Make Your Life a Bit Easier

Wearing a smartwatch enables you to have more fun with your smartphone. Of course, it can tell the time, but it will also let you check out the calls, messages, notifications, alarms, and other app updates without getting your phone out of the pocket.

In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to the best smartwatches available right now. Go through the list below and find out which one suits your requirements the most. (more…)

Top 10 Awei Headphones and Speakers to Enjoy Music to Its Fullest

Awei is an incredibly popular headphone brand that is owned by Yale Electronics Co. Ltd. It produces different varieties of earphones, headphones, Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers, power banks, and various other consumer electronic devices.

While Awei started its operation back in 1993, it was acquired by Yale in 1999. It has been developing high-products ever since. These days, Awei has established itself as one of the leaders in the intelligent headphone industry and also the most popular headphone brand in the mid-range budget. (more…)

10 Cool Accessories Every Smartphone Owner Should Have

Modern smartphones offer lots of great features for the users. With gradual improvements in the hardware and software industries, we are getting considerably better performance than the previous generation of smartphones.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be limited to the features that are provided with the phone. There are some cool accessories to help you extend the default features and get more from your smartphone. Let’s check out 10 of the best accessories to get even more juice out of your smartphone. (more…)

The Best 15 Affordable Tech Gifts for Boyfriends

If you are looking for gifts for your boyfriend, then it good to remember that, nothing in life compares to a gift well received. However, even though giving a lovely gift is rewarding, the process of choosing the right product to give out is a big challenge. You have to contend with hard questions like, what can I get him? Will he like the gift? Is the gift suitable for this situation?  and so on. (more…)

FrSky Top Four Radios Review | FrSky Hot Selling Transmitters

FrSky Electronic Co. Ltd. is a research and development firm that produces and sells electronic technology and modules. Located in Wuxi, China, the firm offers radios, receivers, modules, servers, sensors, and other related products and spare parts. The firm has gained market respect within a short period to be one of the reputable firms’ that sells radios on the market today.     (more…)