Month: September 2017

FrSky Most 15 Popular Products Overview & Top 5 Sellers List

Since it started its journey in January 2010, FrSky Electronic Co., Ltd has always put a strong focus on research and development. With its base on Wuxi, Jiangsu, the company utilizes innovative technology to come up with revolutionary electronic products. Thanks to this progressive attitude, FrSky has been honored with various titles including “Wuxi Top 10 Innovation Enterprise,” “Jiangsu High Technology Enterprise,” “Jiangsu Software Enterprise,” “Jiangsu Small and Medium-sized Technology Enterprises,” and so on.

FrSky specialized in the research, planning, production, and sales of various embedded software and electronic products necessary for remote and intelligent control systems. Its primary products are the transmitters, receivers, sensors, flight controllers, modules, and the relevant embedded software. These software and products are used in various industries like agriculture, telecommunication, RC modeling, business, business, etc.

Over the years, FrSky has developed almost a hundred intellectual property products, 40+ patents and 11 copyrighted software. What’s more, the company also received the necessary international industry certifications like CE, FCC, and ROHS. Its products have a solid reputation and won the title of “Excellent Software Product” multiple times.

FrSky reinvests a considerable amount of money into the research and development process to encourage innovation. The company also works in collaboration with other similar enterprises to bring further improvements into the industry and expand its market share.


FrSky Taranis Q X7 M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal Swap

Many were excited to hear that FrSky was releasing an entry level Transmitter that runs OpenTX. FrSky gained popularity amongst the FPV community by providing an excellent radio with many features on the Taranis X9D plus. The Taranis X7 boasted many of the same software features with a few fewer switches and knobs at almost half the price of the Taranis X9D plus.  When I received my X7 the first thing I was pleased about was how lightweight it was. The menu controls are much more intuitive and overall it had a good ergonomic feel. (more…)